On-Demand COVID-19 Testing

Getting the Covid-19 test done at a local lab takes 24 to 36 hours, but you can get it done in less than two hours


The COVID Test Solution that comes to YOU!

DPV Mobile Lab’s essential workers combine the experience and technology of DPV Transportation with the training, skill and safety you require for accurate rapid Covid-19 testing, right in your home or office. This is the perfect solution for:

  • Airlines
  • Busy Executives
  • Child care providers
  • Frequent Travelers
  • Homebound Individuals
  • Private Schools
  • Those required to test frequently
  • The Elderly and other immunocompromised individuals
  • Sports Teams
  • Warehouses

We all know that accurate testing is critical to the safety of our loved ones.

While CVS and Walgreens require you to drive yourself  to their locations for covid-19 testing, we come right to you. Our mobile lab allows us to test up three times as many patients in one day than a traditional lab! This means that more people can be tested by DPV Mobile Lab than any other single laboratory provider in the country.

We understand how important it is to get reliable results on time without having to wait at inconvenient fixed location labs or go anywhere else but home or work.


Looking for Covid-19 Test Sites Near You? We’ll get where you are so that you don’t have to.

We know your time is precious and so is your health. Our on-site testing services employ technological innovations and the highest levels of safety and care to ensure that you don’t need to compromise on either.

  • Test Results in 15 minutes
  • Guaranteed appointment, at your location, within 2 hours anywhere in MA and CT
  • Real time tracking of tester and mobile lab ETA
  • No time wasted in risky waiting rooms or travelling to test locations
  • Each mobile lab is equipped with testing machines– no loss of time or accuracy to shuttle back and forth to labs
  • Reduce your exposure to those already infected or otherwise ill
  • HIPPA Compliant

Test #1

Rapid Antigen Testing

This Covid-19 test detects certain proteins that are part of the virus. Using a nasal swab to get a sample, antigen tests can produce results on-site in just 15 minutes.


Test #2:

Nasal Swab PCR Test

A nasal swab test that detects the genetic material of the Covid-19 virus. Each sample is sent to a CLIA-certified lab for analysis and will return results in 1-2 days (2 days if tested on Sunday). Results cannot be expedited.

Test #3:


A nasopharynx swab collection test that detects the genetic material of the Covid-19 virus. Each sample is sent to a CLIA-certified lab for analysis and will return results within 1 day. Results cannot be expedited.

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Starting Only at $169 per test (contact us for bulk discounts). Make your appointment now, then get back to what you were doing, we’ll be there in less than 2 hours.

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Looking for Corporate Testing

Are you instead looking for corporate testing for your employees / workforce?

Problem: It’s a hassle to get them tested at your local CVS or Walgreens and then wait for the results before you can let them go back to work. This is also expensive since they have to pay for the test out of their own pocket, which means that many people will just avoid getting tested altogether because it is too much of an inconvenience.

Solution:  DPV Mobile Lab has set up a service where we come right to your location, so there is no need for you or your employee(s) to travel anywhere. We do covid-19 testing on site and provide instant results with our mobile lab equipment, so no more waiting around!

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