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With our clinical mobile solutions, healthcare professionals can adapt to the population’s constantly evolving healthcare needs and address disparities in health. This is particularly among marginalized groups, those with chronic illnesses, mental health issues and the vulnerable communities lacking access to healthcare services and facilities.

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DPV allows healthcare professionals to service their communities and make healthcare available, accessible, affordable and convenient to significantly improve patient outcomes and congestion at hospitals and health centers.


Mobile health up until now has been highly underleveraged and can relieve congestion and delays at hospitals and other health centers. The pandemic demonstrated the need for innovation and the serious gaps we have with our traditional healthcare systems. DPV, a minority-owned company, led the way in helping healthcare professionals in meeting the urgency and need for customized healthcare solutions, particularly for vulnerable communities. Throughout the pandemic, we provided mobile vaccinations and testing for hard-to-reach communities.

DPV MOBILE Clinical Services to support health care workers in the following areas:

Substance Abuse Support and Assistance

Substance abuse is growing in our communities. Health care workers know that many people suffering from this disease will not go to traditional hospitals for assistance. The only viable way to curb the trend is to get counselors and other professionals in the community where these people live. Our customized vehicles and healthcare professionals can provide a service that is accessible to all who need help.

Mental Health Assistance

The number of individuals with mental health issues that are not receiving help has exploded. This has been magnified since the pandemic and many are feeling isolated and stressed about taking public transit and the long wait times at hospitals. Our mobile services can get qualified therapists and other professionals to their homes and communities to make mental health services accessible to all that need assistance.

Chronic Disease Assistance and Management

For people whose health is already compromised, the last thing they want to do is wait in line in a crowded hospital especially with COVID here for the foreseeable future. Educating, testing and treating individuals in their home or community takes much of the pressure off health centers and hospitals. It avoids missed appointments and the fear of taking public transportation. For individuals with chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, asthma and others, mobile clinics are accessible to all and in most cases more affordable than a visit to the hospital.

Virtual Medicine Services (Non-Emergency)

We can customize vehicles to allow healthcare providers to customize their services to specific areas and provide dynamic, responsive healthcare for remote and marginalized communities. Vaccinations, testing, education, professional advice and access to virtual doctors can all be provided through mobile services. Mobile services are also highly adaptable to changing conditionals and health requirements.

Hospital-at-Home Workers

Mobile services allow health care workers to provide urgent and immediate care to non-emergency patients, especially low-income patients who tend to delay medical care for financial reasons, and in-need communities where healthcare is not easily accessible. Once a patient is released from the hospital, it’s in everyone’s interest not to have the patient return to the hospital for further treatment. By deploying mobile healthcare workers to a patient’s home, they are more comfortable and less stressed versus the inconvenience and cost of going to a hospital appointment for a 30-minute appointment.

Medical Researchers (Research Study Workers)

One of the major challenges in research is getting a diverse group of research subjects to participate in studies or trials. We can accommodate medical researchers in their quest to understand human health and diseases and to find and develop better ways to prevent and treat illnesses. Our mobile solutions will allow medical researchers to work in a safe and mobile lab that will allow them to reach their targeted communities and carry out their duties safely and effectively.

DPV Mobile Lab

Our local communities, our economy, and our health are of great importance to us. Together with you, we find innovative ways to accomplish all of these things.

For more information on how we can help health care professionals to better serve their members and communities, please complete the form below or call 1(781) 268-4701. Please indicate the services you are interested in.

  • Testing and Vaccinations
  • Substance Abuse Support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Chronic Disease Support
  • Virtual Medicine or Doctor (Non-Emergency)
  • Hospital at Home Support
  • Research Support

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