COVID-19 Testing Mobile Lab and Vaccine Transportation!

Fast and accurate Covid testing from the comfort of your home or office.

 We’ll be there within 2 hours.

Test Results in your hands 15 minutes later.

Anywhere in MA, CT & NY.

The COVID Test Solution that comes to YOU!

DPV Mobile Lab

Is at the intersection of on-demand transportation and critical, accurate and safe medical testing. By combining the knowledge and experience of one of the nation’s most trusted and technologically advanced transportation companies with trained and approved safe medical procedures, we bring the tester and the lab to you wherever you are in the state of Massachusetts and Connecticut.


  • Appointments on your schedule
  • No waiting on line or in crowded and unsafe waiting rooms
  • Rest easy with real time tracking of tester arrival times and results
  • Save the time and risk of a trip to the doctor
  • Get tested and receive your results within 2 hours of booking
  • 24/7 Booking at your convenience

Fast Convenient and accurate results

You know the importance of accurate COVID-19 testing, but keeping ourselves, our families, and our employees healthy shouldn’t create greater health risks, eat into our work or personal time and be such an inconvenience that many will avoid it all together. DPV Mobile Lab’s On-Site COVID-19 Testing assures the safest, quickest and accurate testing because we come to you. No waiting, no increased risk, just fast and convenient accurate testing.

Trained Medical Procedures


DPV Mobile Lab essential workers are trained in all necessary medical precautions including proper use and disposal of PPE, testing protocols, correct medical procedures for nasal swabbing, and proper guidelines for calibrating testing equipment, performing tests and interpreting results.

They also:


  • Undergo consistent testing to ensure that they are not COVID-19 positive
  • Are equipped with real live tracking devices that allow you to know where they are and when they will arrive
  • Understand the importance of your privacy and safety
  • DPV is a CLIA Certified Lab.

Our Services

On Demand Rapid Test

Fast and accurate Covid testing from the comfort of your home or office.

Vaccinations / transport services

Customizable solutions for safe transport, storage and administering of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Insurance Companies

Health Insurance Coverage Partnerships

Marketing awareness

Marketing awareness campaigns via mobile billboards to creating better and safer communities.

“Until we signed on with DPV Mobile Labs our coronavirus testing program was a headache for managers and staff alike. DPV seems to have put all the right ingredients together to make it easy for any company to provide coronavirus testing.”

David T.

“We’ve actually received compliments from our staff about our new Covid-19 testing program! With the DPV Mobile Labs, our workers don’t have to go anywhere special – the test comes to them and we can schedule the tests when it suits our needs.”

Elizabeth R.

“Our employees love the fact that they can get tested in the office. They don’t have to go to a clinic or a public testing site and wait in line with lots of others and increases their risk of exposure. The DPV Mobile Lab has solved so many problems for our managers and our staff. It’s changed everyone’s attitude about the testing and I’d say it’s even increased morale in general!”

Jackson H.