Future Vaccination Capabilities

Certified for Vaccine Transportation!

meets your criteria for safe Transportation 

The approval of COVID-19 vaccinations has provided hope that we are finally turning the corner on this pandemic. The challenge now is to ensure that we get the vaccines to the people and facilities that need them as quickly and safely as possible. DPV Mobile Lab is positioned to play a critical role in the distribution challenge– from delivery to hospitals, pharmacies and health care providers to the safe administration of the vaccine in your home or office. We bring a problem-solving approach and a solid foundation in transportation technology to every challenge. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, a hospital, municipality or a healthcare insurer, we will customize an approach that meets your criteria for safe transport, storage and administering of the Covid-19 vaccine.

  • On demand transportation
  • Trackable and traceable
  • Refrigeration and cooling systems
  • 99% on-time or early track record
  • Community-focused/Minority Owned and Staffed
  • HIPPA Compliant

DPV Mobile Lab has established partnerships with several strategic home healthcare providers to ensure that our communities can be vaccinated against COVID-19, in the safest and quickest manner, 24/7. By bringing Registered Nurses right to your home or office, you will be able to skip the wait and risk of waiting rooms and doctor’s offices without compromising on the quality and safety of care. Once the vaccine is made widely available, together we’ll be able to protect you, your family, and your entire business with on-site vaccinations. DPV Mobile Lab is not only ready to ensure the safe transportation of COVID-19 vaccinations in accordance with pharmaceutical guidelines, but we are also ready to ensure the safe administering of the vaccine by trusted medical professionals.

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