Health Insurance Coverage Partnerships

DPV Mobile Labs partners

We’re immensely proud to partner with insurance companies that share a higher mission.

The companies we work with are the companies that stand out for their unique service and unparalleled care. They constantly seek out cost-efficient opportunities to better their customer’s health. And they recognize that when you bring the testers and labs to your people right where they are, you give people the testing they need without the risks of mass testing centers and crowded offices.

Because our partners are the ones that think ahead– the brands with the foresight remove the barriers to reliable Covid-19 testing and make the greatest difference for the people who choose them.

  • Reduced exposure to those already infected or otherwise ill
  • Decreased diagnosis time reduces additional healthcare and hospitalization costs
  • Decreased spread
  • Protection for the elderly, homebound and immunocompromised
  • Higher compliance with mandated testing
  • Added value to insurance customers

We are solution-oriented and look forward to customizing an approach that satisfies the needs and the needs of insureds and the insurers. If you represent a forward-thinking insurance carrier, let us know how we can work together to build healthier and safer communities together.


As the vaccine becomes more widely available, we will work together to protect you, your family, and your entire business with on-site vaccinations.

“Until we signed on with DPV Mobile Labs our coronavirus testing program was a headache for managers and staff alike. DPV seems to have put all the right ingredients together to make it easy for any company to provide coronavirus testing.”

David T.

“We’ve actually received compliments from our staff about our new Covid-19 testing program! With the DPV Mobile Labs, our workers don’t have to go anywhere special – the test comes to them and we can schedule the tests when it suits our needs.”

Elizabeth R.

“Our employees love the fact that they can get tested in the office. They don’t have to go to a clinic or a public testing site and wait in line with lots of others and increases their risk of exposure. The DPV Mobile Lab has solved so many problems for our managers and our staff. It’s changed everyone’s attitude about the testing and I’d say it’s even increased morale in general!”

Jackson H.