DPV Clinical Mobile Lab for Individuals

Healthcare Services on the Go
With our clinical mobile solutions, easy, convenient, and reliable healthcare is within your reach.

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We believe mobile solutions should be leveraged as part of the healthcare evolution to provide easy, accessible, and convenient care for everyone, especially in hard-to-reach and vulnerable communities.


Mobile health is not new, however, it’s been highly underleveraged. Like many things in healthcare, the pandemic caused the need for innovation, including the deployment of mobile services. DPV demonstrated that a minority-owned company could meet the urgency and need for customized healthcare solutions for all types of communities.

DPV Clinical Mobile Solutions provides the following services:

Substance Abuse Support and Treatment

DPV will empower those suffering from substance abuse by providing them with counseling and access to treatment, exactly when and where they need it most.

Mental Health Support and Treatment

Our goal is to transform the way the nation addresses mental health by providing one-on-one coaching in private pods with health care professionals, live and virtually, to serve patients who need support and treatment wherever they may be.

Chronic Disease Management

Patients dealing with chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and other chronic illnesses can receive assistance with their disease management in an accessible and convenient way. This includes testing, education and advice.

Virtual Medicine Service

Through our virtual medicine service, we plan to enhance and make virtual medicine more effective by allowing health care professionals to conduct checkups, tests, and virtually consult with doctors for on-the-spot advice and treatment in their local communities. Mobile healthcare is also an affordable solution for COVID testing, vaccinations and similar services.

Hospital-at-Home Patient Care

Providing convenient healthcare to non-emergency patients who wish to take advantage of healthcare and clinical services without having to endure long hospital and clinic waiting lines, missed appointments due to public transportation delays and to communities in in-need areas where healthcare is not easily accessible.

DPV Mobile Lab


We believe in the power of our local communities, the importance of our economy, and the value of our health. We innovate solutions to partner with you to make all of those possible.

Please complete the form below or call 1(781) 268-4701 to access a mobile health unit for your home or business. I am interested in the following service:

  • Covid Testing and Vaccinations
  • Substance Abuse Support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Chronic Disease Support
  • Virtual Medicine or Doctor (Non-Emergency)
  • Hospital at Home Support

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