DPV Mobile COVID Testing/Vaccine Clinics – MA/CT/NYC

The COVID Test Solution that comes to YOU!

Drive a Safer and Healthier Community

We believe in the power of our local communities, the importance of our economy, and the value of our health. We innovate solutions to partner with you to make all of those possible.

For more than 15 years, DPV Transportation has empowered companies and communities to move forward with reliable and innovative transportation solutions. As business owners, family members and citizens, we know the toll that the pandemic has taken on our lives and our economy. We also know that by harnessing our transportation expertise and technology and combining it with critical healthcare related services, we can help our communities, businesses and country remain focused on the things they need most without adding an additional burden to an already difficult situation. DPV Mobile Lab was founded for that very reason.

Our On Demand, On Site Covid-19 testing is a perfect example of our approach. We designed it to provide convenient on-site testing with accurate results in less than 2 hours from the time you book. We understand that your time is precious and that time spent in waiting rooms and traveling to testing offices is wasted and risky. This burden is multiplied when you have pressing business or family matters, several family members who need testing, medical issues that increase your risk, or are a frequent traveler who requires frequent testing. That’s why we bring the lab to you, ensuring fast and accurate testing that completely eliminates the wait or risk of off-site testing.

It takes more than medical expertise to make medical change possible. DPV Mobile Lab is at the intersection of on-demand, critical healthcare services and innovative, essential transportation services. We bring decades of passion for technology, hyper focus on safety and obsession with customer service to DPV Mobile Lab to get you your medical solutions in record time with unparalleled efficiency. Your family, our communities and our country deserve nothing less than the most trusted logistical and medical specialists to drive our solutions forward.

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