Filling the Gaps and Improving Access to Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, government municipalities, research facilities, insurance companies and member organizations are investing in mobile clinic vehicles as an untapped healthcare resource in delivering affordable, convenient, and reliable healthcare to their communities.


Mobile clinics are customized vans or minibuses equipped to provide specialized health services and transport qualified personnel to communities and locations. Think of mobile services as an extension of your existing brick-and-mortar services.

These vehicles are tailored to your requirements including seating, floorplan, wheelchair accessibility, medical equipment, Wi-Fi, privacy pods, branding and any option you require to provide services to your community.

DPV mobile will supply experienced drivers and qualified personnel, or we can transport your existing health care professionals.

Mobile services are an underutilized resource that can alleviate congestion and delays at hospitals and other health centers while enhancing healthcare services.


The pandemic demonstrated the need for innovation and exposed the serious gaps we have in our traditional healthcare systems. DPV, a minority-owned company, led the way in meeting the urgency and need for customized healthcare solutions, particularly for vulnerable communities. Throughout the pandemic, DPV provided mobile vaccinations and testing for hard-to-reach communities.

DPV Mobile is on a mission to drive healthcare forward by providing innovative and sustainable mobile healthcare delivery services. Mobile services will allow hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities and organizations to serve communities efficiently, effectively, and at a significantly lower cost. These clinics on wheels can provide various healthcare services in hard-to-reach and vulnerable communities.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, mobile health clinics are quickly becoming the new normal for many good reasons.

Cost-effective – While there is an initial investment to customize vehicles, mobile health clinics are cost-effective in the long run, costing significantly less to operate than fixed healthcare facilities.

Flexibility – Mobile clinics are highly adaptive and can pivot quickly to meet new health care challenges or be deployed to another community when needed. i.e. (mobile vaccination and testing labs during the pandemic).

Reduces congestion – Mobile services can be dispatched to a designated location or provide services in the home. This avoids patients returning to hospitals for routine checkups or non-emergency services.

Missed appointments – There are an alarming number of missed appointments that clog our health system. Many individuals are hesitant to take public transit for health concerns (health already compromised), transit delays and the stress of a two-hour trip for a 15-minute appointment.

Greater accessibility – Whether in remote areas or in rural communities that are not well served, mobile clinics bring health care services to every house and community.

Staffing shortages – Mobile services can fill the staffing shortages created by healthcare workers deciding not to return to the stress associated with brick-and-mortar facilities. Mobile health care can provide flexible work options that will bring this workforce back into the system.

Greater connectivity – Mobile health clinics connect patients and healthcare providers to a larger network of community health centers, churches, hospitals, and clinics where they can have access to more resources.

Medical research diversity– One of the challenges in research is getting a diverse group of research subjects to participate in studies and trials. This is a must when applying for new grant funds. You can reach hard-to-reach communities with mobile vans, which are typically underrepresented in research.

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DPV Mobile Labs makes it possible for you to offer a wide range of mobile healthcare services. Below are some of the types of medical services that you can provide through a mobile medical vehicle:

  • Substance abuse assistance
  • Mental health assistance
  • Preventive health screenings
  • Chronic disease management
  • Virtual medicine services (non-emergency)
  • Hospital at Home services
  • Medical research
  • Behavioral health services
  • Health Education
  • Covid testing and vaccinations
  • Flu vaccinations


There’s a huge opportunity right now for healthcare providers and healthcare professionals to meet the demands of the moment and invest in mobile medical care.

Mobile solutions can serve as the first line of defense to address the growing and constantly changing need for healthcare services. Providers can use DPV to address gaps in the healthcare system by deploying mobile clinics to serve all communities. In addition, this helps reach those in need in areas that were previously unavailable to help alleviate problems like hospital congestion and service delays.

Moreover, mobile service is a cost-effective alternative to traditional healthcare delivery systems. At a fraction of the expense of operating a standard hospital or a medical facility, healthcare can be provided at a significantly lower cost for providers.


We are committed to delivering mobile healthcare solutions, logistics, services and 24/7 support to best respond to your medical needs and the communities you serve. To accomplish this, we create innovative solutions in partnership with you.

For more information on how you can partner with us to deliver mobile healthcare in your community, please complete the form below or call 1(781) 268-4701. Please indicate the services you are interested in.

  • Covid Testing and Vaccinations
  • Substance Abuse Support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Chronic Disease Support
  • Virtual Medicine or Doctor (Non-Emergency)
  • Hospital at Home Support
  • Medical Research Diversity

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