Where Can I Find a COVID Test Near Me?

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Covid-19 Testing

If you’re looking for COVID testing in your area, you’re certainly not alone. Google searches for “Where can I find COVID testing near me?” have skyrocketed over the last several months. That’s a good thing. Testing – and vaccination, of course – are our best weapons in defeating the coronavirus and getting life back to normal as soon as possible. But finding local testing facilities and scheduling appointments to get tested can be challenging. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the testing come to you?

Well, now it does. DPV Mobile Lab came up with the idea of bringing certified COVID testing professionals to people’s homes or offices whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. On-demand testing eliminates the need to search endlessly online for a testing location or stand on long lines with several others while risking greater exposure to the virus. When testing is fast, easy and convenient, more people are willing to do it. This was the impetus behind the idea to offer mobile testing as a way to decrease the spread of the virus in our communities.

DPV is utilizing its technologically advanced fleet of transportation vehicles in partnership with local medical providers to get more people tested. This proactive COVID-testing approach means that DPV Mobile can test three times as many patients in one single day as a traditional lab. And the more we test, the faster the spread of the virus is quelled.

There are currently two different types of COVID-19 tests you can get on-demand. Rapid Antigen Testing will get you the fastest results in just 15 minutes. This test uses a nasal swab to detect certain proteins related to the virus. The second type –  Saliva PCR Testing – takes a little while longer to get results (1-2 days) as samples are collected and then sent to a CLIA-certified lab for analysis. Both types of tests provide accurate results and are administered by certified professionals that follow all HIPAA compliance rules.

DPV Mobile Lab essential workers are trained in all necessary medical precautions including proper use and disposal of PPE, testing protocols, correct medical procedures for nasal swabbing, and proper guidelines for calibrating testing equipment, performing tests, and interpreting results.

Currently, DPV Mobile provides on-demand COVID testing in the Boston/Everett area and in Connecticut. We plan on expanding our COVID testing in the NYC/Yonkers area soon.

If you want to schedule a quick and convenient on-demand test, all you have to do is call (781) 268-4701 or use our convenient online booking form here. We can be there within two hours and you can get your results in 15 minutes. If you have general questions about COVID and testing, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section here.

Remember, aside from the vaccine itself, the key to defeating the coronavirus and getting back to normal as soon as possible is testing, testing, testing. Get tested early and get tested often. We’re making it easy for you.

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