DPV Mobilizes on Administration’s Promise to Roll Out COVID Vaccine

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Covid-19 Testing

It’s no secret that minority communities have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. They are also the same communities that are now struggling with vaccination rollout. As of March 15th, of those people receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, nearly two-thirds were White (66%), 9% were Hispanic, 8% were Black, 5% were Asian, and 2% were American Indian or Alaska Native. This is according to the CDC.

As a minority-owned company ourselves, we understand the toll this pandemic has taken on our community. That’s why DPV Mobile Lab has made it our mission to deliver on-premise COVID-19 testing in our area to help stop the spread. Now we are taking the next logical step. We’re delivering the vaccine.

DPV Mobile has been officially certified for COVID-19 vaccine transportation and distribution. In an effort to provide equitable access to the vaccine for the people that need it the most, we are looking to partner with healthcare providers to offer transportation to vaccine centers as well as deliver vaccines to residents in some of the hardest-hit areas in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

Both access to the coronavirus vaccine and transportation to and from vaccination sites has been a barrier for many in minority communities, especially for the elderly and people with disabilities. We provide safe and convenient transportation to these facilities – all in the comfort of our luxury bus fleet which is ADA accessible with HEPA filtration systems and GPS tracking. All passengers are safely socially-distanced on board and mask-wearing is required and enforced for everyone’s safety.  This is the perfect solution for people who do not drive or own a car, or for those that just don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a park at mass vaccination centers.

DPV Mobile Lab’s COVID vaccine transportation service will operate via select routes within underserved communities to provide convenient pickup and drop-off locations for clinics and vaccination centers. We will work with the clinics and patients to coordinate appointments and ensure that everyone is transported safely and that the entire process is smooth and orderly.

We will also be utilizing our fleet to provide on-site vaccination services. Our vehicles have been retrofitted to accommodate refrigeration for the vaccine and each mobile vaccination unit will be staffed with fully licensed medical professionals, including a registered nurse.

Here at DPV Mobile Lab, we sincerely believe in the power of our local communities, the importance of our economy, and the value of our health. We’re proud to now be able to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to those that need it the most.

If you are a healthcare provider, hospital, or insurance company and would like to learn more about our DPV mobile vaccine units, contact us at 781-268-4701. You can also schedule a free consultation for your particular program here.

Certified for Vaccine Transportation!